About me

Glad to see you on my blog!

My name is Pavel Ermakov. I’m currently live and work in Moscow, as a Professional Consultant.

  • Extensive Teradata experience with Performance / DBA  related tasks (2.5 years)
  • A broad and solid skillset of Teradata fundamentals, including basic                                                                 and advanced indexing concepts  (2.5 years)
  • Extensive  experience of TASM workload management concepts                                                                      and optimization techniques (2 years)
  • Mentors client on Performance best practices and methodologies
  • Expert  with Teradata BAR (2 years)
  • Experience in managing large databases ( over 100TB)
  • Expert in Oracle administration tasks (7 years)
  • Replication using Oracle GoldenGate (2 years)
  • Extensive  experience of RDBMS concepts and DW design principles.
  • Very strong understanding of Data Warehousing                                                                                  technology stack (Database, ETL, Business Intelligence)
  • Experience working in teams / roles building large Data Warehouse for a dynamic                                             work environment that’s  complex and high volume in nature (Bank industry).
  • Teradata system implementation and tuning (2.5 years)
  • Teradata  (2.5 year experience)
  • Teradata TTU (2.5 year experience)
  • Teradata Aster
  • Teradata BAR Solution (2 years)
  • Informatica Power Center (base knowledge)
  • Oracle Database 10g, 11g (7 years)
  • Oracle RAC 10g,11g (5 years)
  • Oracle GoldenGate (2 years)
  • Oracle GridControl/CloudControl (7 years)
  • Unix shell scripting (5 years)
  • PC skills: MS Project, Microsoft Visio (1 year)



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